Mezcal Mina Real has been honored with three top-tier awards by the American Distilling Institute:

  • Best in Class – Bottled & Blended Spirit – International Agave Spirit
  • Best in Category – Bottled & Blended Spirit – Artisanal Mezcal
  • Double Gold Medal: Mezcal Mina Real Blanco

Mina Real Mezcal is made in Santa Catarina Minas by the Arrellanes family using a maguey-roasting technique that saves 25,000 pounds of wood per roast – equal to one large tree – using Oaxaca’s most ecological roasting oven. This production method highlights aromatic cooked agave flavors and aromas without charring. The cooked maguey mash is then fermented with wild yeasts, before double-distillation in traditional ceramic pot stills.