Panamá-Pacific Rum 3 years

The 3 Year expression begins with freshly-distilled sugarcane molasses being laid into used American Oak bourbon whiskey casks for 3 years. The rum is then is filtered using a natural process that removes color without removing flavor.

Our blanco 3 Year rum displays subtle tropical aromas of gardenia and jasmine balanced with a vegetal tang of fresh green sugarcane. Flavors of banana pudding with vanilla wafer cookies, jungle-fresh papaya, and shortbread are balanced by a gentle acidity. The dry finish carries notes of white pepper, cinnamon, and pistachio.

Specifications, Weights and UPC

12 / 1.0L
Proof: 80
Case weight: 41.89 lbs
Case dimensions: 14.96″ L x 11.26″ W x 13.78″ H
Cases per Pallet: 55 cases per pallet (5 tiers of 11 cases each)
UPC Code: 6-18115-70001-4
SCC Code: 1-12-18115-70001-2